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2015-04-16 01:25:54 by Qelaion

Sorry for being inactive. WELP. I moved all of my attention over to http://www.soundcloud.com/qelaion because it's simply a better platform for submitting music in almost all regards. Soooo, yeah. Check out my SoundCloud if you're still interested in my music. 




2013-08-06 23:14:29 by Qelaion

i just did my forum post for the month goodbye friends

also NG removed my front page post abilities so Q_Q

hahahaha hehehehe

2013-07-28 12:46:38 by Qelaion


hahahaha hehehehe

For those wishing to keep up with my works

2013-07-07 23:10:07 by Qelaion

I haven't uploaded anything here in -ages- so I thought I would just keep you guys in touch with some of my more recent projects (your choice not forcing you eee e eee e eee e )

if you want to hear any of my other work, head over to My Soundcloud, I frequently post my work there, as I find the community more music oriented, and therefore more professional. Thank you if you choose to do so.

I may come back every so often to post a song or two I dunno asfasf

until then have a picture of a delicious meme smoothie

For those wishing to keep up with my works

hello friends

2013-06-19 07:54:26 by Qelaion

goodbye friends

hello friends


Some new news regarding my music.

important notice

2013-03-02 21:27:37 by Qelaion

i'm just wasting these front page posts like no tomorrow aaaa

listen to my music on Soundcloud I guess

hello guys

2013-02-12 18:06:00 by Qelaion

spaceman to the reqsuewa


2013-01-17 15:24:12 by Qelaion

thank yo u



2012-12-05 21:57:30 by Qelaion

ThiNgiN bOUt liFE